International Affiliation

The ICAI’s current endeavor to provide mobility to its accountants by having the ICAI qualification recognized in different parts of the World. Taking globally the mission of Indian Chartered Accountancy profession in this era of globalisation, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) has signed MoUs and MRAs with various accounting bodies of the world.

Intent of MoUs/ MRAs

  • These agreements are a step forward in increased mobility to professionals at either end and would herald a new dimension for business globally.
  • It also puts the accountancy institutes on global radar to play the leadership role in addressing new challenges before profession.
  • The aim is to work together to develop a mutually beneficial relationship in the best interest of members, students and their organizations.
  • The trends in the accountancy market are changing in India, we find that more and more of our new members take up the employment in foreign market, again the focus is more on for professional accountants in business as a different interface for assurance services is required.
  • The MoUs provide an opportunity to the ICAI members to expand their profession horizon.
  • These agreements foster working relations between the two accounting institutes.