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Exploring the new Pathways for Global Opportunities for Chartered Accountants:
CA. M. Devaraja Reddy, President – ICAI launched the Global Career E-Kit of Uganda on 16th May 2016 at Kampala, Uganda

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), has successfully launched the Global Career E-Kit of Uganda, the Eighth E-Kit in the series of 7 E-Kits launched for different jurisdictions covering Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Muscat, Tanzania, UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) and Canada (Toronto and British Columbia, Vancouver).

In an era which is characterized by operation of transnational businesses and seamless trade across frontiers, the demand for Chartered Accountancy professionals with global mindset has catapulted to newer horizons. A latent need existed for providing information in the form of ready reckoner to potential aspirants for tapping such global opportunities. Fulfilling this void, ICAI has launched these Global Career E-Kits that covers general information of related jurisdiction such as

  • Demographic details
  • Economic Environment
  • Accountancy profession & Employment opportunities
  • Other useful business information
  • Information of Indian Embassies and Consulates
  • Details of Management Committee of the Chapter

In addition, useful information such as Information on MoU/MRA signed between ICAI with different Accounting bodies worldwide, Guidelines for Training of Articled Assistants outside India, and FAQs for Members abroad, along with concerned official details is also included in these E-Kits.

ICAI currently has 28 Chapters abroad and it is endeavored to develop E-Kits on country wise basis for important locations for the benefit of ICAI member community. It is foreseen that the membership at large will benefit immensely from these E-Kits.

I am confident that the information contained in the Global Career E-Kits will assist our members to establish a preliminary interface with the jurisdiction to serve in times to come and help the members of the Institute to explore the Global opportunities present in different jurisdictions.
Kindly click to access the E-Kits:

Tanznia Doha Doha