About the Committee

About IA Committee

  • Since its inception in 1982, the International Affairs Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has demonstrably fostered the Institute’s global presence.
  • ICAI has diligently built its presence, growing to 48 Chapters; 33 Representative Offices and 2 overseas offices today thus strengthening interface between the institute and the members abroad and providing better services to them.
  • ICAI has been the founder member of global institutions like IFAC, CAPA, and SAFA, providing a platform for global engagement and knowledge exchange. Currently, ICAI has taken membership of 12 bodies amplifying our voice and learning from international best practices.
  • Furthermore, ICAI’s commitment to international mobility is reflected in its mutual recognition agreements with leading accounting bodies. This facilitates the movement of Indian Chartered Accountants across borders, contributing to the export of professional services and solidifying ICAI’s position as a global leader.
  • Beyond its own growth, ICAI extends its expertise to support the development of accounting professions in emerging economies. By providing technical assistance and guidance, the Committee fosters the adoption of international best practices and strengthens global accounting standards.
  • The Committee also handles the visits of international delegates to ICAI and also visit of ICAI delegation worldwide for strengthening and furthering the mission of the profession.
  • Further, the Committee has been organizing International Conferences every year as a standing event since 2004 wherein renowned national and international experts in the area of accounting, auditing and have been invited as speakers. With a vision of taking Indian Chartered Accountancy Profession and positioning India as global hub for Finance and Accounting, ICAI from the year, 2023, has decided to organize “Global Professional Accountants Convention (GloPAC)” every year as the Committee’s flagship event.
  • To summarize, ICAI’s international journey is marked by a spirit of collaboration, progress, and unwavering commitment to the advancement of the accountancy profession worldwide. Through its proactive initiatives and partnerships, the Institute continues to shape a future where Indian Chartered Accountants are recognized and valued across borders.