Global Initiatives

ICAI’s initiatives of Global relevance

    • UDIN is a 18 digit Alpha-numeric figure which can be generated only by Chartered Accountants holding Certificate of Practice whenever they issue a report or a certificate.
    • UDIN has eliminated the possibility of a non-member misrepresenting as a Member and filing documents.
    • Regulatory authorities in India, viz. the tax regulator, banking regulator, financial markets regulator, real estate regulator have recognized UDIN.
    • UDIN has been made mandatory from the year 2019 for all certifications, GST filing, Tax Audit reports, Audit, Assurance & Attest functions.
    • UDIN enables online real time verification of authenticity of documents filed by Chartered Accountants
    • Every document filed gets a unique identity
    • Generation of UDIN is OTP based. Communication is sent on registered email ID and mobile number
    • Any regulator or stakeholder can any time verify the authenticity of documents filed
    • In case a document is revoked by the Chartered Accountant, the verifier gets message alert
    • Generation of UDIN has been on the increase year after year. So far, close to 50 million UDINs have been generated.

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