Guidelines relating to Chapters outside India

Guidelines relating to Chapters outside India

For setting up of a Chapter

  • A Chapter established outside India shall be treated at par for all purposes, with a Branch of a Regional Council set up within India
  • A Chapter of the Institute can be formed outside India, on a request in writing from not less than 20 members in a city, in a foreign country, having their professional address registered in that city.
  • A Chapter of the Institute can be set up in any foreign country provided there are 100 or more members having their professional address registered in that country and a request for setting up of a chapter there is received from at least 20 such members, alongwith a list of 100 members.
  • A Chapter shall not represent itself as a constituent of the Institute.
  • A Chapter shall not be eligible to receive any grant or financial assistance from the Institute. However, a request for financial assistance can be considered on case to case basis provided the requirements of the local laws so permit.
  • The Chapters of the Institute should be formed only if a no objection from the local Govt. is produced, if required by local laws.
  • The Chapters of the Institute should be allowed to use the emblem with stipulation that the said emblem be used for corresponding with its own members and with the Institute only. Such letterheads shall not be used for making representations on behalf of the Institute to any authority of the local Govt. or Govt. of any foreign country. The Chapters can represent the Institute on specific matters as may be authorised from time to time. However, they would make a mention of such an authorisation on the representation made to local authorities or Government of any foreign country. Copy of every such representation made would be sent to the Institute.
For Functioning of a Chapter

a)  Duties & Functions:

  • To explore feasibilities for professional opportunities and placement opportunities in that country or any other place in the world, in the manner suggested by the Institute from time to time.
  • To organise/conduct CPE programmes.
  • To provide facilities for interaction among members by regular meetings organizing talks and lectures and for the acquisition and dissemination of useful Information. Necessary technical inputs / background material could be provided by the Institute if intimation regarding organisation of a meeting /seminar etc. is given to the Institute sufficiently in advance.
  • Make representation to the Council on matters of professional interest in that country and to offer suggestions for raising the standard and status of the profession.
  • Maintain library and reading room for use of members.
  • To hold refresher course camps at the convenient centers for the benefit of members.
  • Have liaison with the accountancy bodies of that country for helping the members in enrolling themselves as members of the Accounting Institute. However, the Chapters shall apprise the Institute of such liaison and initiatives.
  • Exchange views on professional matters with the members of the Accounting Institute of that country. However, the Chapters would not exchange views on behalf of the Institute.
  • To undertake student related activities such as conducting compulsory Computer course, GMCS course, coaching classes and other activities for the benefit of students.
  • Market C.A. Curriculum, effectively, as well as any other curriculum that might be specially designed by ICAI for other select countries.
  • Assist ICAI in creating practical training facilities abroad for C.A. students.
  • Assist ICAI in locating suitable venues for the examination centers.
  • Carry out such other functions as may be entrusted by the Institute, from time to time.

b)  Election of Managing Committee:

  • Chapter to be managed by a Managing Committee to be elected once in three years. The Managing Committee shall, every year, select its office bearers, namely, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. For Chapters having upto 100 members, the Managing Committee shall comprise of 6 members and for Chapters having more than 100 members, it shall comprise of 8 members.
  • All member of the Chapter shall be eligible to vote at the election.
  • No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the Managing Committee unless three members are present in person to form the quorum.
  • The process of conduct of election shall be initiated two months prior to the date of election due and the election invariably held towards the end of the first of the above mentioned two months. A copy of the notice and schedule of elections issued to the members of the Chapter as also copy of the annual report shall invariably be sent to the Institute also. The result of elections conducted be intimated to the Institute within 7 days from the date of elections and declaration of result. If the copies of the notice and annual report are not received by the Institute from any Chapter or the election is not conducted as above by any Chapter, the office bearers shall be construed to have vacated their respective offices on completion of one year from the date election was last held or a date that may be specified by the Institute. The affairs of the said Chapter shall then be conducted by the members of the Institute as may be nominated by the Institute and for the period specified by it.
  • The Executive Committee is authorised to remove office bearer(s) of a Chapter if it is brought to the notice of the Institute that the office bearer(s) has/have persistently made default in adhering to the guideline formulated by the Council in respect of functioning of Chapters abroad.

c)  Finance & Accounts

  • Chapters to be self supporting and funds for meeting the expenses of the Chapters to be raised by subscription from among the members.
  • Chapter may levy such further fee as considered necessary from members participating in specific activities.
  • The accounts of the Chapter shall be audited every year and, together with the auditors’ report, and the report of the Chapter, shall be sent to the members within four months of the close of the financial year.
  • The accounts of the Chapter should also contain statement of fixed assets, if any. The Chapter shall maintain a bank account to be operated jointly by the Treasurer with the Chairman and/or the Secretary of the Chapter.
  • A copy of the audited accounts and the report to be sent to the Council not later than four months of the close of the financial year.

d)  Dissolution of the Chapter:

  • Chapter can be dissolved if a majority of the 3/4th of the members borne on the rolls of the Chapter make a request to that effect. Such a request shall be considered by the Managing Committee which shall complete the formality(ies) in its/their entirety e.g., forwarding the request, together with the recommendation of the Managing Committee thereon, subject to such terms and conditions as may be stipulated from time to time.
  • Chapter can be dissolved after giving an opportunity to it of being heard, if the Council decides to dissolve the Chapter. However, the Chapter can also be dissolved, if the NOC granted by the local Government is withdrawn or local laws do not permit continuance of the Chapter.