• President's Message

    All of us have our share of hopes and expectations-present and future. While certain part of those may appear logical and is likely to come true, the remaining we ourselves somewhere know are actually present just for the sake of being present, with an unstated and silent acknowledgement that they will remain as mere hopes and wishful thinking. Then, as the time passes by, our optimism gets refined and becomes more serious. The list gets smaller. But somehow I have never been able to accept that things can never be changed or amended.

    'ICAI has decided to implement its go-green initiative. The first step planned is to reduce the use of paper that will help us preserve the earth’s ecosystem. It has decided that agenda and other related documents may be circulated electronically at all its meetings. Moreover, technology can also be used for videoconferencing which can ultimately save the cost of organisational operations. Paulo Coelho remarks:Fight for a meaning in life. That’s the only way to make time an ally, not an enemy. Thus, ICAI plans to minimise the use of paper, and safeguard tree and environment in the long run.'

    We all want to live peacefully in a clean environment. It is also true that we through our inadequate and irresponsible dealings have added, if not created, to the disorderliness on the earth by altering and affecting its ecosystem and other natural cycles adversely.